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how it works

How it works

The programs is designed to be used like a structured interview…kind of like one of those popular do-it-yourself tax programs. It is a simple 4 step process to get from start to a completed worksheet.

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Our Child Support Calculators are easy for anyone to use and designed to fit every family’s needs. Tutorials walk you through the calculator step-by-step and can be accessed any time, so you can get assistance when you need it most.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is This Program right for me? is intended to help individuals and legal professionals who only need to process a single case or perhaps a small number of child support cases. For professionals who handle a larger volume of child support cases the professional version of our child support calculators are much more cost effective. The professional version is available from our parent company, Bradley Software.

I want to check my Child Support amount – What does do to help me do that?

Once you set up an account, you will answer a series of simple questions so the program can calculate a child support worksheet. The worksheet is prepared in the form required by the Kansas Child Support Guidelines. You can run as many worksheets as you wish to test various factors which may make a difference in your proper child support amount – changes in income, children’s ages, daycare costs, health insurance premiums, etc. Each scenario can be saved for future use and updated as circumstances change. Each scenario can be printed for use in negotiations, mediation or as a courtroom exhibit.

I am self-represented – how does this help me in that regard?

You can quickly and easily prepare the worksheets needed to properly and convincingly present your arguments to the court, or to the attorney representing your children’s other parent in your effort to secure a proper child support order. You can more persuasively represent yourself in court and in mediation when you use the same tools used by the judge and the attorneys in the case to prepare child support worksheets required by state law.

Can I do this without an attorney?

Although we strongly recommend that you have your calculations reviewed by an attorney so that you don’t overlook any legal arguments which may apply, many parents chose to represent themselves, particularly in the preliminary discussions, mediation meetings, and hearings before hearing officers. You can also shorten the time needed with your attorney by having the child support worksheet prepared in advance for discussion with your counsel.

Why should I trust the program to give me the correct answers? uses the same software which attorneys and judges have used for nearly twenty years (since 1992) to prepare child support worksheets for use in court. The program software is also used by court trustees and state agencies to prepare child support orders and proceedings.

Will the court accept the output of this program?

The court will accept your child support worksheet proposal as an exhibit offered to support your request for a child support order. Whether a court will agree with your child support proposal depends on the accuracy of your information regarding a variety of child support elements, such as parental incomes, ages of the children, daycare costs, health insurance premiums, and a host of other variables. The program asks for the variables and includes a copy of the Child Support Guidelines for your guidance. If your information is not accurate, the court may reject your child support proposal, so it is important to buttress your worksheet and child support proposal with documents to establish the accuracy of your information – copies of tax returns, payroll information, daycare receipts, etc.

How much does it cost?

Using the program for a single family costs just $19.95 for one month of access. You can extend the initial one month subscription for an additional month for $19.95. During the initial subscription period (and any extension subscriptions), you can access the program repeatedly, as often as you like, to change the various pieces of information as new data become available or circumstances change. The only things you cannot change are the names and ages of the children – once those pieces of information are entered, they define the “family” to which the program is applicable.

What if I purchase and then decide not to use Childsupporttools? (Refund Policy) offers a 100% guarantee of the calculations performed and worksheets presented. If the calculations are not 100% mathematically correct for the current child support guidelines then we we will fix the problem within 2 business days. If not then we will refund your payment on that case completely.

If you have opened an account and purchased a case a refund of your purchase price is available only if you have never generated the child support worksheets and reports by clicking on the “Calculate” button. Even if you have entered data, as long as you have not calculated the worksheets, you may request a refund. .

IMPORTANT: Once you have generated the worksheets there are no refunds.

To request a refund, please send an email to Include your username (not the password please), the case number and creation date for which you are requesting a refund. We’ll respond promptly.

Is it easy to use?

Very! The program uses a “structured interview” approach, asking a series of simple questions and preparing the child support calculations based on your answers. Whenever you wish to change an answer, just type over it and hit the “calculate” button to update the worksheet.

There’s nothing to download or install on your computer. You can access the program from any internet-connected computer anywhere in the world – PC, Mac, IPhone, whatever! You can access your worksheet from the courtroom or mediation conference if you wish, and change any of the variables to update the results!

You can print the worksheets from any connected printer. All your information is saved for your instant access on secure database storage drives maintained by Child Support, and none of your information is ever shared with anyone but you.

How do I get started?

Click on the “Get Started” link in the menu above to go to the New Account page, where you will fill in the information necessary to set up your account and open your first case. You can open additional cases as needed if you wish to calculate child support worksheets for other families (if you are, for example, an attorney).

What States does have forms for?

Currently we have state statutory forms for Kansas, Missouri, and Texas for child support. We also have interest rates for all 50 states (plus PR, DC and Guam) in the ArrearsMaster.  Check back with us occasionally, we will be adding more states soon.

I am entering a lot of personal information. How do I know if the site is secure?

There are a number of reasons to feel secure about using
1) The site is presented with 128 bit encryption. You’ll see the little lock icon on the screen to indicate that the communication is secure.
2) Each time you log in you must enter your name and password. We do not provide you the choice of having the screen remember your login. That’s to provide you with additional security. We recommend that you keep your password safe, change it frequently, and use extra care when using our program on public computers.
3) We have a strict privacy policy that we follow. For more information about this policy see our privacy policy page.

What if I need help understanding how the program works?

There are four levels of getting help on how to use the program.
1) On the menu named TUTORIALS there are many different videos that show you step by step how to enter your information and then calculate the worksheets. This is the best place to go for learning how to use the program.
2) After you log in to your account on every screen there is a HELP button. Clicking on the HELP button brings up detailed information about the screens and the entries.
3) On the menu named LINKS there are links to web sites where you can gain additional knowledge about the child support calculation process and state guidelines.
4) If you are having technical issues with the site, technical support can be obtained by emailing us at We CANNOT provide any legal advice. Technical assistance is available by email only.


Resource Links

Kansas Judicial Council

Here is where you can find all sorts of documents for Pro Se filings for divorce with minor children

Kansas Supreme Court
The Kansas Supreme Court web site has official documents related to divorce and child support filings.

Kansas Legal Services
Kansas Legal Services provides a variety of legal forms for use by self represented litigants.  These include documents for seeking modification of child support and other family law matters.

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