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Sometimes parents need additional resources to help explain to thier children the complexities of a family situation. These books are great resources for that exact purpose. The author, Trina A. Nudson has focused solely on providing children with a voice and advocating for their best interests throughout her career. As a trained child-inclusive mediator, certified divorce coach, case manager, and licensed social worker, Trina has the unique expertise to help parties focus on the best interests of their children. She has utilized her training in conflict-management coaching and collaborative law to help numerous co-parents provide stable environments for their children. In January 2008, seeking to give children a voice in custody litigation,Trina founded My Child Advocate, PA. That same year, determined to offer more services than her law practice could provide, she also founded The Layne Project, Inc, a social service agency, that provides a myriad of services to families going through custody litigation, including but not limited to supervised parenting time, supervised exchange, a coparenting class, mediation, divorce coaching, therapy, custody evaluations, and much more!

A Guardian ad what?

A Story to Help Kids Understand What it Means to Have a Guardian ad Litem
by Trina Nudson, LBSW, JD; illustrated by Colin

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Feeling Sappy

A Story to Help Kids Understand Supervised Parenting Time
by Trina A. Nudson, LBSW, JD; illustrated by Colin Vaughan

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