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Child Support Calculator

Our Child Support Calculators put the powerful software tools professionals have trusted for nearly 25 years in your hands, whether you’re a parent or an attorney handling a small number of cases. The easy-to-use web-based program calculates child support amounts and creates documents that convincingly present your argument in court or mediation.

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Don’t let interest slip through the cracks. With ArrearsMaster, you can stay on top of interest rates and collect the right amount automatically earned on support payments not fully paid on time—which can make up a big part of the total amount due. Our program is constantly updated to reflect any changes in applicable state interest rates and recalculated when a payment is made.

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About Child Support Tools

Child Support Tools provides the tools and experience to help you get exactly what you need when it comes to child support and divorce finances. Whether you’re looking to calculate child support, generate Parenting Calendars (with holidays), or determine principal and interest on past due child support and maintenance, we’ve got it covered. Child Support Tools offers the most comprehensive suite of professional-grade divorce financial tools in the Midwest.

Easy to Use

Our incredibly simple software tools guide you through every step, answer all your questions along the way, and provide comprehensive ready-to-file documents for attorneys and parents alike.

Developed by an Attorney

Child Support Tools was developed by J. Bradley Short, a highly regarded Kansas attorney and specialist in family law financial matters, so you know you can trust the numbers. Our programs are used with confidence all across the country by judges, attorneys, trustees and more!