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Child Support Calculator

These separate programs for Kansas, Missouri, and Texas easily calculate child support amounts and create documents that convincingly present your argument in court or mediation.

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ArrearsMaster® calculates interest owed on unpaid child support or alimony, works nationwide, and always uses current interest rates.

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About Child Support Tools

A highly regarded family lawyer and financial specialist, Brad Short developed Child Support Tools to be an affordable, easy-to-use single case suite of calculators so that parents can get the same accurate calculations and forms that judges and lawyers have used for over 25 years.

Our incredibly easy tools guide you through every step, answer every question, and provide comprehensive court-ready documents for parents, as well as attorneys handling a low case volume.

Create an account for free today, and add a 30-day case for $19.95. Renew or extend time whenever you need—even years later—to keep your calculations up to date with the latest laws and changes in your family finances.