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Welcome to Child Support Tools − you’ve taken the first step toward simplifying your child support and divorce finance calculations. Curious about how our programs work? Scroll down to check out the easy process that will take you from start to finish.

Step 1: Create an account

It is simple and quick to create an account.  Just enter your basic contact information through our secure server. Your information will be saved and used in the creation of the child support or ArrearsMaster® worksheet.

Step 2: Purchase a case

After you create your account, you can purchase a case file, where you can enter your data. If you need additional time, you can always purchase more.

For example, you can purchase a 30-day case file. At the end of 30 days, you won’t be able to generate the worksheets any longer nor can you save any changes but all of your data is saved. You can purchase an extension of time so that you can modify the information once again and generate your new worksheets. That means you can return to your file in six months or six years and update your child support calculations using new support guidelines, children’s ages (automatically calculated), etc.

Step 3: Enter your data

Having purchased a case, you can begin entering your information. You’ll want to review the step-by-step guide for explicit instructions on how the program works and how you enter your data. The program guides you through the process and shows you all of the allowed entries. The program is divided into separate pages for each type of information you need to enter. At the bottom of the page you will see a set of buttons. Here are the basic categories for the Kansas program, other states and ArrearsMaster® have slightly different categories:

Start at the button on the left and enter the data on the first page, then go to the next page (to the right), enter your data about the children, then open the income page, and so on… when you’ve gone through all of the pages you’ll get to the last page named “Worksheet”. You’ll always know which page you are on because the button will be Blue. If you need help on any page just click on the HELP button and a separate screen pops up with specific help for the page you’re on.

While uses the latest state guidelines, we cannot not provide advice on your individual family situation, nor legal advice. is intended to help you through the process of entering your data for the preparation of the Child Support Worksheet.

If you have questions about the state guidelines or what is allowed for a specific entry we suggest you discuss your  specific questions with an attorney or your case worker.

Step 4: Generate worksheets

The last step is to generate your worksheets and supporting reports. At this point you will be on the Worksheet page. Click on the Calculate button:

In just moments, you’ll have the PDF files of all of the worksheets and supporting documentation. You will need AdobeAcrobat in order to view the documents created by If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat you can get it here. You can open and save the PDF files to your local computer. offers a 100% guarantee of the calculations performed and worksheets presented. If the calculations are not 100% mathematically correct for the current child support guidelines then we will fix the problem within 2 business days. If not then we will refund your payment on that case completely.

If you have opened an account and purchased a case a refund of your purchase price is available only if you have never generated the child support worksheets and reports by clicking on the “Calculate” button. Even if you have entered data, as long as you have not calculated the worksheets, you may request a refund.

IMPORTANT: Once you have generated the worksheets there are no refunds.

To request a refund, please send an email to Include your username (not the password please), the case number and creation date for which you are requesting a refund. We’ll respond promptly.


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