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The Kansas Child Support Calculator is designed for parents as well as attorneys handling a low volume of child support cases. The easy-to-use program calculates your child support amount, extended income formula, multiple family adjustment, income tax adjustment, and shared custody. Complicated tax and other calculations are performed automatically and updated whenever the program runs. The Child Support Calculator is also updated when there are changes in the law.

You may have seen or been tempted to use one of those “free” child support calculator’s that pop up on the internet from time to time.  We look at these too! One thing to remember is that you get what you pay for. Another thing to remember is that these are usually just estimates and do not provide the court ready forms, you can only get an accurate calculation by creating court ready forms,. Our program creates court ready forms that show you not only what the end result is but how it was derived.

Ask yourself one important question –
What do lawyers use to calculate child support or arrearages?
They don’t typically use cheap solutions; they use solutions that are accurate, create the forms correctly, apply the law correctly, and are easy to use. Our professional tools are used by thousands of lawyers, judges, legal professionals every day. When a judge looks at a submitted child support worksheet, if it has our copyright at the bottom they know it comes from a trusted source.  ChildSupportTools.com is the same high quality software used by all of these professionals, but it is offered to you in a case-by-case format so it is less expensive for your personal needs. High quality results – low price – what more could you ask for?

Our software is in use in almost every court in Kansas, every Kansas Legal Services office, every Kansas DCF office, and a lot more. Trusted – accurate – professional… now available for personal use.

Although we cannot provide legal advice. if you have technical problems we will be there to assist. All of your input data is saved for future use, even years down the road. A variety of scenarios can be prepared so you can see which factors, such as changes in income, children’s ages, daycare costs and health insurance premiums, may make a difference in the child support amount.

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