Kansas Child Support Calculator

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Kansas Child Support Calculator

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This simple program prepares the Child Support Worksheet required by Kansas Administrative Order 287 by accurately calculating your:

  • child support amount
  • extended income formula
  • multiple family adjustment
  • income tax adjustment
  • shared custody
  • and more

Trusted by Kansas Legal Professionals; Designed for Personal Use

Used in almost every Kansas court, legal services office, and DCF office for over 25 years, Child Support Tools is the same high-quality software used by professionals but in a single case format so it’s more affordable for parents and attorneys handling a low volume of child support cases.

How It Works

  • Create your account, then add a case file for 30, 90, or 180 days, and extend time whenever you need.
  • Easily enter information as you go, save your calculations at any stage, and update whenever you have more info.
  • When all data is entered, the program will generate the complete, court-ready forms you need, saving you from paying someone else to prepare the same documents.
  • All your data is saved for future use, even years down the road, so you can keep your calculations up to date with the latest laws and changes in your family finances.

Additional Features

  • Free, automatic updates that include new features and reflect changes in law
  • 15 decimal point accuracy based on the latest rules and info from state supreme courts, Bureau of Labor Statistics, IRS, and more
  • Video tutorials for each step available on our website to guide you every step of the way
  • Ability to prepare a variety of scenarios so you can see which factors (such as changes in income, children’s ages, daycare costs, and health insurance premiums) may make a difference in your child support amount

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